Workplace Investigations

No employer-employee relationship is without its problems.  When a business receives a complaint or discovers a problem among its ranks, it may be necessary to conduct a workplace investigation.  Typically investigations are required after a discrimination or harassment complaint is filed with the EEOC or internally with a company’s HR department, when there are violations of company policies or codes or conduct, when there is evidence that criminal action has been taken place, or if there is concern of a legal or regulatory compliance issue.

Why are Workplace Investigations Important?

Failing to conduct an investigation in certain instances and getting to the root of the complaint can not only increase employer liability it can have ravishing effects on company productivity and profitability.  A properly conducted investigation, however, can help a company defend against a lawsuit that may arise in the future, and withstand any legal scrutiny of any workplace claims or allegations lodged against in in court or before a regulatory agency. A fair investigative process also helps business build morale and trust among employees, because they feel workplace issues are being promptly addressed in a fair and meaningful way.

Why Should I Hire a Legal Consulting Firm to Conduct a Workplace Investigation?

While it is certainly possible to conduct a workplace investigation in-house, it is a time-consuming task.  Further, outsourcing investigations to a neutral and independent third-party vendor may be a better option, as in-house personnel may present a conflict of interest. A legal consulting firm can step in and help you first determine whether an investigation is necessary at all and if so, obtain all factual information, and develop a report of investigation that will help you properly assess the facts and the implications of the workforce complaint. Finally, new laws are always emerging, and hiring a trained employment attorney can help spot any legal issues and confront and resolve those issues quickly and adeptly.