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With the many different legal applications, motions, briefs, and other documents that every case requires, there are bound to be errors. Minor spelling mistakes can be embarrassing. However, when those mistakes are major or those documents are poorly written, it can lead to a flawed  interpretation of your position or argument, and can ultimately damage your case. This is why it is always a good idea to have an experienced legal editor close by who can do a careful document review before your written products are submitted to the Court. Legal firms in National Harbor, MD, can rely on Kimberlee Gee Legal for all of their proofreading and editing needs.

Types of Legal Editing Services:

Bringing in an Outside Editor Greatly Reduces Mistakes

Proofreading your own documents has proven to not be as effective as having another experienced legal document reviewer read them over. This is because your mind automatically corrects mistakes, adds in missing words, and in general sees your writing as what you want it to say, not necessarily what it actually says. Further, although you may understand the meaning behind all of your sentences and arguments, your arguments may confuse another reader who is not as familiar with the case. By having someone else proofread and edit your documents, they will catch many more mistakes than had you completed proofreading on your own. They will see misspellings you may not have noticed, catch missing words, and be able to restructure your arguments that do not clearly convey your thoughts.

Many people today rely on automated spellcheck and even grammar check software systems, but it is important to remember that these tools do have their limits. Spellcheck may flag many legal terms, while grammar check is often unhelpful for all but the most basic grammar issues. Neither of these tools looks at content or context – which is important when crafting legal documents. A sentence can be grammatically valid yet still contain confusing content or poor word choices that make it difficult to read.

Content Editing and Citation Checking

Content editing is more than just proofreading. A document can be error-free and still fail to present a compelling legal argument. When you hire a professional editor, they review the document for content, they look at how the content flows, how easy it is to read, and whether or not it accomplishes your goal. Content editing a motion, for example, will focus on whether or not that motion clearly states what you would like done and if you have presented enough supportive arguments to persuasively make your case.

When drafting legal motions, checking your citations is also vital. These citations often contain precedent or legal policies that support your position on a case. Incorrect citations may make it difficult for the reader to find your supporting information, hurting your case.

Outsourcing your Legal Editing to a Professional

Kimberlee Gee Legal is ready to put our years of proofreading and legal editing experience to work for you. Whether you need a second set of eyes to catch mistakes or a content editor to test your arguments, we are here for you. Contact us at 1-800-366-0573 to arrange a free consultation.

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