Legal Consulting

At times, the legal process may demand an independent third-party to step in and perform certain investigations and auditing, or provide preventative counseling. Even in cases where this is not required, it is often in the best interests of your client and your case to bring in an outside consultant to perform these tasks. At other times, policies and compliance issues need to be evaluated by someone with no connection to the organization. This brings in an unbiased point of view that can highlight areas that need improvement or that are unclear. With over 15 years of experience in the legal industry, specifically in legal consulting and licensed in Washington DC and Maryland, Kimberlee Gee Legal is here to serve as such an independent third party.

Types of Legal Consulting Services:


There are times when companies need a consultant to come in and investigate incidents that occur between employees, between employees and employer, and between employee/employer and customers. Having a third-party step in to handle the investigation ensures the fact-finding and reports of investigation are done in a fair and impartial way.

Policy and Compliance Auditing

Employee handbooks and policies are key legal documents when it comes to employment law and ensuring businesses stay compliant. However, these policies do not always provide the protections and guidance employers and employees believe they do. Bringing in an experienced attorney with legal knowledge of employment and business laws can identify gaps in your policies, procedures and handbooks that need updating to provide the protections they were meant to. If a business’s current compliance policies are not actually making the business compliant, they can be fined or face penalties by state regulatory agencies. Some compliance organizations also require a third-party audit to remain certified.

Training, Seminars, and Workshops

Bringing in a legal consultant to handle training, provide legal seminars, and host workshops can provide employees with the knowledge they need to navigate legal issues and work within the industry’s established best practices.

Human Capital Management

Human capital management is similar to HR in some ways, and in many businesses, it is a function of HR. This area focuses on identifying new talents, retaining those individuals after hiring, helping to adjust the workforce to fit changing goals, and optimizing your current workforce. By outsourcing this, you can free up your HR team to focus on other tasks.

Legal Consulting for All Your Needs

Kimberlee Gee Legal is here to assist you with all of your legal consulting needs. With years of experience in employment law and workforce management, we can provide a trained, impartial eye in investigations, audits, and workplace trainings, preventative counseling and more. Contact us today at 1-800-366-0573 to arrange a consultation.

Legal consulting in Washigton DC

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