Jury Verdict and Settlement Research

Kimberlee Gee worked in employment litigation for several years, and is experienced in various other areas of Jury Verdict and Settlement Research through working with her own clients. While working in employment defense she led and oversaw the management of litigation, judicial, dispute resolution and individual appeal matters. She Drafted critical litigation documents, including motions, position statements, pleadings, and briefs and recommended best-fit settlement negotiations and trial strategies based on rigorous legal, case and policy analysis.

She is a dedicated and result-driven professional who has been working in the field of employment law for more than fifteen years. 

What is a Jury and Why are They Important?

Having a trial by jury is one of the fundamental principles on which American society is based. They are composed of twelve members of society at large and should represent a good cross-section of the racial, ethnic, religious, and gender demographics of the surrounding area. Once a decision is reached by a jury, it has the same effect as if it were  handed down by a judge. 

Whether it is a civil or criminal case, the jury selection process should be handled with care; juries need to be constructed judiciously by each side to achieve their  intended purpose. Jury verdict research involves not only analyzing what lawyers did right or wrong in a particular case, it provides important data and insight into the outcome of similar cases, which assists lawyers in understanding the overall value of their case and crafting an effective legal strategy. Jury verdict research can also help attorneys make informed decisions about whether it is best to proceed with a case to trial or enter into a settlement agreement. Much of the jury verdict research produced can support a demand for settlement during mediation or pre-trial conference.  

What Happens After a Jury Renders a Verdict?

Even though the decision has been rendered, this is not the end of a case. In both civil and criminal cases, if you feel as though you were wronged, you may appeal jury verdicts on a variety of grounds. Improper jury instructions, racial or gender bias, tainted juries, improper venue, and grounds are all avenues of possible appeals. For this reason, an experienced researcher would be beneficial to bring on board to help pursue any possible motions for a successful appeal. 

Not only can an initial decision of guilt or innocence be appealed, but in civil matters, the settlements rendered can also be appealed. Having a robust research assistant to examine the facts in similar cases can support claims of improper or excessive awards. Conversely, this may also help in determining what kinds of damages to seek since previous case law can give estimates of what the facts of this particular case should merit. 

Why You Should Hire a Legal Consultant to Perform Jury Verdict and Settlement Research? 

Jury Verdict and Settlement research gives attorneys a cutting edge in deciding the viability of their case before trial, and can include: research regarding expert witnesses and opposing counsel, damage estimates, the value of injuries in a particular jurisdiction and the value of certain settlement offers in comparable cases