Supervisory and Employee Training, Workshops and Seminars

Many small businesses forego employee training because they do not think it is necessary or they think it will not fit their budget.  However, employee training is the foundation of workplace success.  With the increase in legislation at the state level, training regarding certain topics, such as sexual harassment, is mandatory in many states (including Maryland and New York).

Kimberlee Gee Legal has many years of experience with workplace training on employment law issues and can work with your business to determine your training needs, and develop a comprehensive workplace training program that will not only aid in bridging the knowledge gap for your employees and managers, but will solidify the company’s best practices and ensure your employees have the information they need to stay above the law.  Offered as both in-person events and webinar sessions, Kimberlee Gee Legal can develop a training program that specifically addresses the unique organizational culture, challenges and needs of your business.

Why Hire Kimberlee Gee Legal to Develop and Employee Training, Workshop or Seminar?

Kimberlee excels in translating hard to understand or sensitive topics to both scholarly and general audiences and will partner with your organization to create customized and engaging presentations for your next conference, tradeshow, workshop, webinar or lunch and learn. KGL can offer training or speak at your corporate function on a variety of topics or customize a training program specifically for your business.  To learn more about what we offer, request a speaker here Book Kimberlee to Speak.