Preventative Employment Counseling

What is Preventative Employment Counseling?

Preventative employment counseling is the proactive manner in which businesses address potential legal or policy issues in the workplace.   Preventative counseling is wide-ranging and can include training, legal compliance counsel, agreement and policy drafting, as well as other personnel documents. Businesses typically engage in preventative counseling because it not only helps minimize and sidestep employment issues in the workplace that may become disruptive, it can minimize litigation and legal exposure related to any employee or third party claims against the business.

Why is Preventative Employment Counseling Important?

In today’s litigious society, it is paramount that businesses are well informed of the laws governing their business, and conducts the proper audits and diagnostic reviews of their business to ensure it does not violate any laws that may put it at greater risk or exposure for being sued or being investigated by state or federal regulatory authorities.  Preventative counseling cannot only assist with remediating any compliance issues, it can help guide businesses in everyday performance management, workforce planning and employee productivity issues as well. Without preventative employment counseling, an organization will become highly vulnerable to unproductive business culture and negative impacts on employees' job performance.

Why Hire a Legal Consulting Company for Preventative Counseling?

Although designing an efficient preventative counseling process can be quite difficult for organizations, especially small companies, it is important business realize that the value of receiving counsel from an employment law attorney far outweighs any cost it may pay in the beginning. Preventative Counseling helps your business stay legally compliant and protects your business from unnecessary litigation. Employment Litigation can often be avoided through proper and consistent counseling and human resources and workforce management support.