Opinion Letters


What is an Opinion Letter?


An opinion letter is a formal piece of legal writing issued by legal counsel generally to his or her client explaining their understanding of the legal issues pertaining to a particular case or providing their professional opinion or legal analysis.  An opinion letter also typically identifies legal risks and legal conclusions on a specific matter and can provide insight into how a judge might rule on a particular legal matter. 


What is the significance of an opinion letter?


An opinion letter provides the client with a well-reasoned and legally supported document that can assist him or her in understanding the law, any claims or defenses they may wish to use should they pursue a claim with the court, and different strategies he or she may used to protect themselves from liability or civil penalties. Opinion letters can ultimately help the client determine the likelihood of success or failure if a client wishes to pursue a certain action, and can help him or her correctly navigate their way through a current lawsuit by understanding how the law applies to their specific circumstances.