Legislative and Public Policy Research


 What is Legislative and Public policy Research?


Public policy is usually defined as a set of laws, regulations, or legislative priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives. The legal industry often intersects with the public policy and legislative sphere because, the laws that are passed often are supported or have been guided by some data or policy agenda to support a specific policy outcome for a particular group, community or social interest.  Legislative and Public policy research provides unbiased, comprehensive data on the content of bills, legislative history and trends related to certain laws that are of interest to the public.

Why Hire a Legal Consultant to Conduct Legislative and Public Policy Research?


Sixty five percent of law firms outsource legal services, and 56% of law firms outsource research projects specifically.  Kimberlee Gee Legal can provide public policy research that pulls from a wide body of sources including legal databases, government publications, reports, studies and academic journals regarding a wide range of topics and social issues.  Kimberlee Gee Legal can take on the outsourced public policy research to help with internal efficiency and provide the comprehensive data you need.