Internal Memoranda

What are Internal Memoranda?

An internal memorandum is a written legal document that is drafted for in-house use among attorneys or other trained legal professionals. The internal memorandum typically discusses legal policy or is written with the intent to analyze a legal problem, examine the strengths and weaknesses of a legal issue, and provide an answer about the likely outcome of a legal issue if it is pursued. It is an informal record, and typically does not follow any specific rules and formalities of legal writing. Attorneys and law firms typically use internal memos to transmit information, make requests, highlight an issue, clarify legal issues, or weigh in on the likelihood of success or failure of a potential cause of action.Internal Memorandum Writing Service for Attorneys in Washington DC & Maryland


What is the Importance of an Internal Memorandum?

In a law firm setting, internal memos are a quick and efficient method of communicating the precise points of law, the strengths and weaknesses of a case, and the likely outcome of a case when the law is applied to a particular set of facts. This typically helps the attorneys reading the internal memorandum make an informed decision and develop a legal strategy for their client.

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