As an experienced attorney with many years of litigation experience. Kimberlee Gee Legal offers complaint drafting for attorneys and law firms throughout the United States.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is a formal pleading that includes allegations made by the party initiating legal action against another party (either a person or a business) person for violating the law. These reasons set forth as violations of the law are referred to as the claims of the complaint.complaint drafting for attorneys in Washington DC & Maryland

Complaints can be both civil or criminal in nature. The purpose of civil complaints is to initiate legal action against a private party or the government. Criminal complaints are typically always filed by the government. However, there are some exceptions in some states that allow the citizens to file criminal complaints.

Why Having a Well-Drafted Complaint is So Important?

Drafting a well-pled and thorough complaint is essential because a complaint is the very first legal document that the filing party has to present their case to the court and the opposing party; and ultimately sets forth the basis for his or her claims, why he or she is taking legal action and why the opposing party’s violation of certain federal, state, and local laws entitles him or her to a specific legal remedy. The initial complaint also sets the stage for the opposing party to respond with any affirmative defenses attacking the complainant’s claims.

Why Hire a Legal Drafting Company to write a Complaint?

Although some believe that filing a complaint is a simple and quick process, complaints require reasonable investigation and research prior to their being filed. A legal drafting company will perform a pre-litigation case assessment and review all material and evidence prior to drafting the complaint. A legal drafting company will also ensure that complaint is in conformance with the specific local or federal rules of procedure and standards of law to ensure it has the highest chances of success in surviving a motion to dismiss by opposing counsel. If your law firm is in need of complaint drafting for attorneys, then contact us today at 1-800-366-0573.