Employee Handbooks and Policy Auditing

Attorney Kimberlee Gee is an attorney with more than 17 years of experience in employment law and can help draft a customized employee handbook or audit your policies to fit your workforce goals.

What is an Employee Handbook and Policy Auditing?

An employee handbook or an employee manual is a book provided by an organization to its employees that contains essential information about the company’s mission, values and the rules and code of conduct that employees are expected to follow. An employee handbook is divided into three sections.

Policy auditing is an organized process through which a company's rules and policies are reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with the law and that those policies are effectively servicing the company and the company’s employees in the most optimal manner possible.

Why are Employees Handbooks and Policy Audits Important?

As a business, your ultimate success lies in your own employees.  Even before you hire your first employee, you should establish your company's policies and procedures and have them formalized in a written company handbook to protect your business. An employee handbook will ensure that you establish the company’s expectations and that your employees are familiar with the company's working procedures and rules, so that there is a clear roadmap regarding the their job responsibilities and duties, how to behave and what they are obligated to do, or to refrain from doing, while in duty status.

Recent research has uncovered that as many as 1 in 13 employees do not know what resources are available to them in their current job. Employee handbooks can provide that information and so much more. Employee handbooks also provide a roadmap for managers and supervisors in managing employees and making sure they are staying productive and on target with the company’s mission and goals.

Policy auditing is also important for all types of companies.  An audit can help your company identify outdated or ineffective policies and draft new policies that are lawful and in sync with your company’s goals and mission.

Why Hire Legal Services?

In today's workplace, things move quickly.  The laws are always changing and sometimes it may be difficult to stay apprised of every single rule and regulation governing your business.

Legal consulting companies can help businesses and organizations develop a detailed employee handbook that ensures compliance with all the laws governing your business, from wage and hour, payroll and leave and benefits, to training, discrimination, and workplace safety.   Updating your employment handbooks and company policies annually can also serve as a protective measure in the event an employee files a lawsuit.  Having an up to date handbook is a useful tool in showing courts and federal regulatory agencies that you are in fact making a good faith effort to comply with the law.