Judicial and Expert Witness Profiles


What are Judicial and Expert Witness Profiles?

When a case is proceeding to trial, the use of expert witness testimony either during discovery or at trial is important because it provides material background information or principles related to a sophisticated subject matter of which the lay person or juror has no specialized or unique understanding. Expert witnesses are educated and trained in a specialized area and use their knowledge, as well as relevant industry and academic literature to provide contextual understanding of particular issues related to a case.  Expert witness profiles are used by each party to evaluate the professional and educational background, and the credentials and accreditation of individuals who have authority on issues related to the case and can lend their authority to objectively interpret the facts and provide analysis.

What is the importance of expert witnesses?

Expert witnesses are supremely important to most cases that proceed to trial. Their subject matter expertise often helps jurors understand complex information in fields like science or technology, and can often determine the success or failure of a jury by trial case. Also, lay jurors often rely on the expertise of these witnesses to provide objective and credible information as a non-party to the case.

Why Hire a Legal Consulting Company to help Compile Expert Witness Profiles?

Selecting the right expert witness can be a critical factor in determining the outcome of a party’s case. Researching each expert witness in your jurisdiction whose experience and knowledge provides the right fit for your case can be a time-consuming task.  Kimberlee Gee Legal employs the best legal databases and systems that provide comprehensive expert witness intelligence, and can provide detailed reports not only regarding the expert witness you choose to use, but also can provide discrediting data on the opposing party’s expert witnesses as well.  Hiring a legal consulting firm to complete this task for you will not only minimize research for your firm, it will ensure you the greatest likelihood of success for your client.