Five Benefits of Developing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Five Important Healthy Work-Life Balance Tips

The term “work-life balance” is something that you are hearing more and more about in modern society. Only a few generations ago, “work-life balance” was not a trending term and Americans mostly had clear separations between their home life and their work life.   Although “work ethic” has always been valued, and employees have always been required to work long hours, the modern-day work world seems to provide less and less latitude for employees to have a healthy work-life balance, most notably because there always seems to be an expectation that employees maintain constant accessibility.  In that regard, the workday never seems to end.  Five Benefits of Developing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Currently, the average American spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. Only recently  have we begun to understand the psychological and physical toll that over-working can have on a person’ s life.  Many people are beginning to realize that restructuring your life activities and taking time to relax, refresh and rechange can actually make them healthier and more productive.

For those who work in the legal field, outsourcing such tasks as research, writing, editing, and other time-consuming tasks can offer a great benefit to not only your personal health but the health and well-being of your law practice. 

Benefits of Legal Outsourcing

It can lessen health problems. While stress might be considered a normal part of life and an unavoidable casualty of work, the toll of overwork can cause extreme damage to a person’s health. There is a great deal of evidence that shows that overwork can result in increased risk of anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, and burnout.  Stress can also create an increased likelihood that workers will engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as substance abuse, cigarette smoking, and poor dietary patterns. Outsourcing overflow to a contract attorney can give the attorney valuable time to focus on their wellness.

It helps reduce stress and anxiety. Lawyers work in one of the most stressful professions. Research reveals attorneys are nearly four times more likely to experience clinical depression than professionals in other fields. In fact, more than 50% of leave taken by employees are related to stress related, keeping approximately 1 million people home from work every day, and forty percent of worker turnover is due to job stress.

Finding the time to break away and enjoy some much-needed downtime should be a mandatory policy for employees and owners alike. Finding a trusted legal outsourcing service to assist you can be a great benefit for you and your firm too, as it will allow you the opportunity to scale your business while still providing a quality work-life balance.

It increases engagement. When people are well rested and have a healthy work-life balance, they tend to be more engaged and motivated to work, and are far more productive as a result. Numerous corporate studies and work-related research has shown a significant increase in not only employee productivity, but overall profits as well when workers are more engaged in their jobs.  In fact, around 85% of businesses that provide work life balance opportunities report that their employees are more productive, and 21% tend to work harder.

It improves focus and mindfulness. Not only does legal outsourcing increase productivity, the ability to concentrate on tasks is also improved when proper time away from the job is taken. Maintaining one’s focus is especially important in the legal field where documents and paperwork must include so many precise dates, times, and other facts and figures.

It Is Becoming More Important Among Younger Professionals

Flexible working statistics show that having a healthy work-life balance is among the highest priorities of millennials, which by 2025 will make up about 75% of the modern workforce. That means that creating personal time for yourself is not only important but also for those who work around you as well.

Having a healthy work-life balance does not have to mean sacrificing income or career advancement. Leveraging outsourcing can make a huge difference.