Arbitration Briefs

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties resolve disputes outside the court. This process is typically handled by a single individual called the arbitrator, a panel, or an arbitral tribunal.  In modern times, arbitration has become extremely popular and widely used. Although arbitration is used in various industries, it is most commonly used to resolve disputes in the industrial, labor, and commercial sectors.  Arbitration is touted as being a more efficient option for resolving disputes than going to court because many believe it is more cost-effective and a less time-consuming endeavor.

Why is it important to have an effective arbitration brief?

Following an arbitration, your arbitrator or the arbitration tribunal may request the submission of post-hearing briefs before they issue an arbitral award.  Having an effective arbitration brief requires having knowledge of the arbitral procedures and writing a persuasive brief that focuses on the record. An arbitration brief is particularly important because arbitral awards, once issued are final, binding and fully enforceable decisions that typically are not subject to appeal.